Professional Online Learning Management System Comparison

The Learning Management System (LMS) is online software that allows companies to host, deliver and track employee training and certification. The LMS allows employees to complete online training or e-learning courses and track their position during the training process. After the employee completes the training, the learning system can print or save the certificate.

We took a look at the vendors of appropriate online learning management systems for small and middle businesses that are easy to set up and use and made our comparison to help you make the decision.

Best Online Learning Management System Summary

  • TalentLMS. Best online LMS due to low cost, free version and excellent customer rating in comparison to the competitors
  • Moodle. Best Free SCORM Compatible Do-It-Yourself Open Source LMS
  • SkyPrep. Best LMS for businesses using Google apps

How do we Evaluate the Learning Management System?

Small business owners generally do not have additional employees, so we focus on online management systems that can be controlled without a full-time instructor. We've reduced experience and made a comparison of 3 LMS vendors based on price, ease of configuration and management, ease of use for employees, and ability to conduct online instructor-led and e-learning trainings.

The vendors reviewed here provide cloud-based services that can be accessed from employees' desktops or mobile devices. They also comply with SCORM, which means that they can host standard online content, including text, video, quizzes, and surveys.

Some of the systems below allow you to create your own online training. Other lessosns are available for you to choose as part of the package or at an additional cost. You may also choose to purchase and submit additional content from any provider through SCORM-compliant eLearning courses.



We recommend TalentLMS as the best overall learning management system because of its low price, complete curriculum and powerful functions. If you have less than 5 employees / users, there is a free version, even if you need a paid version, it is cheaper than most other LMS systems.

What does TalentLMS lack?

Although TalentLMS is a great product, there is no phone support. End users and administrators need to submit service requests from the learning portal. If you want SSO, you should upgrade to the Basic package. If you want to customize reports and automation, you'll need to upgrade to the Plus package. Otherwise, it's there, even in the free version.



We recommend Moodle as the best free online system for learning management. It is supported by users and very popular (with more than 70,000 clients and almost 900,000 users). It has a powerful community forum, an easy-to-use interface, a custom control panel, and some extra LMS features such as calendar and user notifications. The site is customizable and secure, and if you're a technology expert and do not want to pay for LMS, that's a good option.

What does Moodle lack?

Although Moodle is a powerful LMS, the creation options are not the best. You should create your own course using software such as MS PowerPoint, Articulate or Captivate, or you may need to upload free lessons created by other Moodle users. You can also use the keywords "SCORM Course Sale" or "Moodle Free Course" to conduct an Internet search to find Moodle compatible courses created by other vendors. The problem here is that the quality generated by other users can’t be guaranteed.



We recommend SkyPrep for companies that use Google apps because you can easily upload employee data and import them from Google Sheets to the LMS. It also has a competitive price and provides a good user experience. It's easy to install, allowing you to import users from Google Sheets and upload trainings you find elsewhere.

What does SkyPrep lack?

SkyPrep has lots of cool features and is a good player in our comparison. However, based on the package store to buy data storage limit, so if you have a lot of courses you have a lot of video / media, you may need to upgrade the system.

What to Choose?

Still doubt what system is fully compatible with your needs? Our comparison shows that each solution has its pros and cons. To get your ideal solution, you can order custom online learning system development, that will be much more functional in comparison to ready-made software products. Contact us today to discuss your project.