Custom software development company in the US

We are a recognized custom software development company dedicated to building unique IT solutions for the customers around the world. Custom software is a computer program or web app developed for the needs of your company and we are ready to build the next hit for you.

Our goal

  • Conduct analysis of your business needs
  • Adapt it to provide high-quality software applications

We recommend that you provide comments for the development of software so that our IT company could meet the development needs of your application at each stage, from the design of the concept to the launch of the product, in addition to exceeding your expectations. At the same time, our IT team is responsible for all phases of the app development life cycle. For more than nine years we have been experimenting with innovative mobile applications for startups and sophisticated business programs. Focus on the main objectives of future applications and help your company grow with digital tools. Join us and you can combine prices and competitive quality perfectly.

Why do you need software development services?

Software development is an important tool for doing day-to-day tasks. There are many off-the-shelf applications, but sometimes you can not find the right thing for you and you need extra features or even tools to improve your productivity. Custom methods can significantly increase your workflow and productivity. Creating and implementing custom solutions can seem long and costly, but you must remember that it costs well beyond reasonable expectations in the long run.

Support and consulting

Based on our experience in custom software development, our developers offer great value in providing advice on how to achieve business objectives through applications, integrated software systems or internet portals. Our IT company offers the professional support at all points of cooperation. And you can concentrate on the business goals and do not worry about the technical part of the task. Share what you think and want, our digital specialists will estimate your wishes and will suggest the architecture of the programm solution, that is most beneficial to you. Our custom software development company guarantees the quality of any application, we have developed and launched.

Custom and Ready Solutions

Custom and off-the-shelf systems has strengths and weaknesses. But when we talk about the future success of your company, the answer is obvious. The most modern programs to meet the needs of most users, while the wood system has no choice or can not meet your expectations as to its function and efficiency. Create tailor made software, eliminate unwanted resources, and make sure your business has everything you need. Which features do you decide to put in a custom frame. In terms of stability and reliability in terms of business expansion, customizing software means simplifying the process and making it uniform and standardized. A platform that allows the entire company and team to communicate seamlessly.

To summarize, let us point out the advantages of custom for off-the-shelf software:

  • Customized to your specific needs
  • Automate and simplify everyday business processes
  • Store your data and information in one place.
  • Do not worry about the compatibility of the program.
  • Additional security
  • More effective employee management
  • There is no license fee, this is yours
  • Easy to use and based on formalized requirements and requirements
  • Improve productivity and productivity of your business
The third option

If off the shelf is not for you, and custom development is very expensive, there is another option. Some development companies can achieve the necessary functionality and offer some flexibility in existing solutions.

This option looks perfect:

  • It's cheaper than ordering custom softwarxe
  • It's faster because developers will not write from scratch, just adding the features they need

Much easier than writing the entire program.

But the disadvantage is:

  • First, not all ready-made plans will allow legal changes.
  • You still need to pay the usage fee under the terms of the license and also pay for custom development.
  • Each time the program is updated, you have to implement your changes and features again. Each time this is a huge extra cost of synchronization and failures caused by stable work.

Business Solutions

We experience delivering custom solutions in vertical areas in different industries. We leverage our strong technical expertise in construction and innovative techs to create digital tools tailored to your business. Our professional staff can also help you increase productivity and mobilize your company by integrating 3d party systems in to native or cross-platform mobile applications. Our team can make your life easier with a wide variety of custom web solutions, from intranet and extranet to business performance automation solutions. We also value those who run large or medium sized companies that are just a start-up or have a small local presence.


Created with internal team

When you adapt a program or create your own, you need a professional developer. You can hire external development teams such as your development company or create your own internal teams. Few developers are working hard to create custom software in a short time. Planning, coding, design, UI / UX testing, quality control testing and many other skills are required.

Outsourcing Development

  • Subcontracting Outsourcing If you hire an external organization or service provider to carry out your business, we are a program designed for business management. Why do people outsource? There are several reasons and benefits.
  • Expert skill. It is not difficult to create.ate a simple mobile app versus some free app building site, but creating an entire app is more or less tailored to your requirements. Such tasks require graphic design, can be the development of websites, using a variety of programming languages.
  • Device. You need some equipment and inventory, which can cost a lot and will not pay for completing a task. Our company, especially tailored for websites and mobile app development, has all the necessary.
  • Temporary claim. You just need developers to develop custom software, which may be updated and upgraded later, but that's not what you need every day of the year. If you hire your own development team, you pay the developer's monthly salary, but if you hire an outsourcing company, you just pay for the work done. In addition, you can not hire part-time work for highly skilled developers.


Outsourcing is the perfect way to hire a specialist for a temporary job. When you work with our company, you can rely on our technical support even after the launch of your software project.



The advantage of organizing your team and running your own staff is that you have continuous control over time and activities. No doubt, this is not less expensive for some reason. You must hire a developer with the necessary experience and pay all year. But you have to manage this extra staff to learn a lot.

Join international conferences that offer new test equipment and can investigate the latest changes in iOS, Android and Windows and Microsoft development standards. You must pay for these developer licenses.

As a result, it may not be as good as you'd hoped. Finally, you can combine internal and external resources, do most things internally, hire people, such as our company's short-term projects, suits you. You need to weigh all the pros and cons and make your own conclusions about what your best bet is.


How do we work?

In our work, we call it ASD or agile software development. This is a way to anticipate greater flexibility and is designed to achieve the finished product level. It focuses on simple code and typically tests and implements app functionality even more as the app prepares. The main purpose of ASD is to create a large and versatile app in a small part approved by the client. We divide the project in several steps to monitor and improve the creative process.

Our development steps

Step 1: Discuss

We start our work with the questions “what are your main goals?” and “What do you want to achieve with this program?” It helps developers to understand what kind of custom software solution will be the most suitable for your tasks. During the creation process, we use iterative approach for better flexibility and efficiency. As soon as our project manager and architects found out the core features of future app, our team of programmers gets a task to create an MVP, minimum viable project, that present a working program with basic functions.

Step 2: Search

Then, determine the costs of your project and the resources you need. This step is done before the requirements of the general budget and staff are met. We provide analysis for all phases at the research phase and ensure the flawless creation of the software.

Step 3: System design

This phase includes the preparation of the model, technical documentation and representative material. We have determined all the features of your software app and created your wireframe. We traverse user experience and user interface design by researching available and attractive software solutions.

Step 4: MVP

The next step is to create a minimal viable product where developers write "core" software tools. This is a main job app. Once you're ready to test, we'll check compatibility based on the plans we work with. If we are ready for deployment, we will move on to the next step.

Step 5: Test and Begin

At this stage, the expert performs quality control tests to eliminate any errors. You will verify each item and you will receive a complete report for each step of the experiment. Please make improvements and try again. Only highly experienced and experienced professionals perform this test. When all tests and modifications are completed, consider any additional features that you want. Only when you are satisfied with the quality of your work and the quality of your work, can we analyze the response to the average user, which can be described as a target audience. When all the necessary changes have been made, the developers launch the full application.

Even after the product launch, we are interested in your success. We continue working together to find new ways to evaluate applications, get feedback from users and improve efficiency.

Why choose us?

It is difficult to find a good software development company, but it is much harder to find a company to be a long-term partner. We are a highly competitive IT company in the market, with experienced companies, successful projects and years of research. Here it is. Our digital firm use a variety of programming languages ​​and are developing custom web, mobile and multiplatform solutions that do business for large companies, medium-sized companies or beginners. Our company staff make the entire development process transparent to the user and can provide the following important things:

  • Quality
  • ROI optimization
  • Technical background
  • Scalability
  • Shorten the launch time to the market

We are not only qualified professionals in the IT industry, we are also interested in your work and will do our best to create exclusive software solutions for our clients. Contact us today to learn about custom software development approaches, appropriate for your business.