Datasoft KHB

We are the US-based app development company with a headquarter in Philadelphia. In 2010 we delivered our first digital solution for a retail company which presented an intuitive e-commerce platform. Soon we already participated in the development of our first mobile application for a startup entrepreneur and today we can boast hundreds of delivered digital solutions for both startups and enterprises. Businesses across the USA and European countries outsource our development services relying on our proficiency and professionalism. For our 7-years-old history, our development team grew from 2 people to over 100 IT professionals and business analysts. And what is more, we keep growing fast what witnesses about our success. Now we obtain priceless experience which we gained from the collaboration with multiple industry domains which includes finance services, healthcare, logistics, media and many others. We know how to turn big ideas into brilliant mobile and web applications. Keeping with the aim to assist our customers in leveraging information technologies, we provide them with custom solutions that deal with their challenges and move their business forward.

Trusted Professionals and Creative Thinkers

Over seven years we were growing our passion into professionalism and can assure you in our ability to deliver the desired results catering the most demanding needs. Our work is based on collaboration within the team and with our clients what helps as to build trustworthy business relationships providing our customers with the feeling of credibility. We are not used to sticking to the plan but strive to bring extra value to the development projects based on our experience and expertise. We put our heart in our work, striving to help our customers to succeed. Let us utilize the emerging technologies to reach your business goals.


We are amazed at the technologies and the way they can transform our everyday life. Excited to work in the IT industry, which is one of the most fast-changing industries, we make innovations our credo. We keep up with the most up-to-date tendencies in the programming and UI designing and master all software development technologies that can be helpful in making our clients’ projects real. Being lifelong learners, we are crazy about everything new.